Advocate creates equality by creating access to electricity for all. We focus on providing renewable energy through solar panels for all individuals, families and communities

The never-ending cycle of energy poverty begins with the lack of access to affordable and sustainable energy. It is estimated that 1.3 billion people do not have access to electricity, yet it is central to practically all aspects of life. Human welfare including access to water, agricultural productivity, education, job creation, and healthcare are some of the basic necessities that are limited in developing countries due to inadequate electricity. The International Energy Agency predicts that “by 2040, two billion people globally will lack electricity and access to modern fuels”. Using solar energy at the local level, it is possible to deliver energy services around nations. Our focus is to use solar energy to create essential electricity to light and power classrooms, create access to water for families and farmers, help in creating a healthy lifestyle and provide a resource most parts of the world take for granted. Donate now and change someone’s life forever.